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About myself, this site and my connection with Cruella ...

I was invited to a photoshoot in early 2015. The photographer wanted to create some images with a Guardess theme, girls and guns set.

My Photo Tour Blog ... See my favourite photos from my tour here ...

Andy, the photographer had decided to get back into his photography, a passion, but I had no idea about his background.

To cut a long story short, it turns out he created a concept called CRUELLA, published a series of magazines and created the worlds first FD website, also one of the early pioneers of online memberships, being amongst the first to work with a new company called ccbill.

So, yes ... it was simply a chance meeting, he wanted a local model to work with. He had decided to take a break from FD production and to concentrate on his hobby ... photography, which had lead him down the path to Cruella in the first place (another very interesting story!)

Our first meeting was at Bright Light Studios. The photo below was taken in the studio, the barb-wire effect is from a photo taken on Darley park, at the rowing club.

I have only been modelling for a couple of years. I enjoy it so much and I have a great deal of work coming in which leaves limited time for my other serious passion ... BEING IN CONTROL ! 

However, it seems that I am such a natural domme, I think I will soon be making even more time for it. After all ... it is so much fun!